Adeola Onafuwa


Adeola Onafuwa is a passionate Nigerian who is actively involved in the socio-political development of the African society via direct participation in non-governmental growth and developmental initiatives. He busies himself with facilitating a network of resourceful individuals/organizations that share genuine interests in African developmental initiatives. 

He works with the Liberal Party of Canada as a campaign strategist and a junior policy analyst. He has also worked as a political journalist and an editor. When Adeola is not busy crafting electoral strategies or mitigating liaisons between Africa-centric organizations, he is writing pieces for his blog, which he sees as a viable tool for socio-political activism with the aim of redirecting the focus of youths towards active participation in the economic, social and political ethos of the African society. 
Adeola graduated from the University of Windsor with a B.A in Political Science. He also holds a certificate in Digital Journalism and a diploma in International Relations and Developmental Studies.